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Tradition & Experience

The development of J.S.B Industries as a one stop baking manufacturing company is an amazing success story; built on 30 years of hard work, integrity and a “customer first mentality” started by Jack Anderson, company president, founder, and chief executive officer.

Jack Anderson & Sons - Muffin Town Starting out as a food commissary, J.S.B. Industries has developed into a national baking manufacturing company and is home to Muffin Town, Aesops Bagels, Smart Choice Whole grain baked goods, and Madeline’s Gourmet Cookies.

Its targeted trade audience are retail shops and supermarkets food service, schools, health care facilities and caterers. With the expansion into two full time baking facilities, J.S.B. Industries is looking to going
into more food service channels and even convenience stores. With the completion of J.S.B’s 30th anniversary, 2011 will be inaugurated with the opening of the newest production facility in Lawrence, Mass. Muffin Town was founded in 1978, with a vision to create a bakery commissary that would supply foodservice companies (schools, healthcare) with a consistent, quality baked product. The quality of the products was the best mode of advertising. “Business found us. People love what

we make,” said Mr. Anderson. “Selling was easy.” Overall J.S.B Industries was started at a time when small neighborhood bakeries were going out and customers started to look to supermarkets for in store bakeries.
The year, 2000, was a momentous one for the company as J.S.B. established a 100,000 square foot facility
in Chelsea, Mass. Aesops Bagels was purchased in 2001. Mr. Anderson felt that Aesop's high quality bagel
and their employee's commitment to customer satisfaction fit perfectly into the family of J.S.B. Industries'

In 2006 J.S.B. Industries added a new division to its family - Madeline's Cookies. This company was created in response to our customer's requests and a desire for a frozen, ready-to-bake gourmet cookie that tasted delicious and was cost efficient. Recently, J.S.B. introduced its Smart Choice line of products. which is marketed as a healthier approach to enjoying baked products. J.S.B. Industries is known for the quality of its muffins, bagels, bagel stuffers, Snack 'N Loaves, and frozen, ready-to-bake cookies.

J.S.B. can offer bulk packs, bulk trays, small clamshells, or individually wrapped thaw-and-serve products in a wide variety of size and weight configurations. The bakery is also certified kosher by the Vaad Harbonim of Massachusetts According to the Anderson family, both facilities, “will allow us to provide premium products to our customers; work with you to develop the products you need or co-pack your products for you.

Working with our product development team to create your private label baked goods that meet your specifications for ingredients, flavor, quality packaging, and price is a great way to expand your business.”