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Muffin Town has been providing premium value baked goods for over 30 years. Our muffins, Snack'N Loaves™, Cornbread and Muffin Tops, come in a large variety of flavors and packaging formats to fit all your foodservice needs.   

We work with all our customers to provide them with a consistent, quality baked product manufactured and packaged using the latest technology available.


* If the code you need below is NOT clickable, please contact customer service.

Code Size Flavor Packaging
57633 2.0 Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin Top 60-2 oz. I.W.
57661 2.0 Blueberry Muffin Top 60-2 oz. I.W.
57666 2.0 Apple Cinnamon Muffin Top 60-2 oz. I.W.
57670 2.0 Chocolate Chip Muffin Top 60-2 oz. I.W.
57675 2.0 Banana Muffin Top 60-2 oz. I.W.

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