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Smart Choice Food Service Snack 'N Loaves™

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Our Smart Choice line of whole grain bakery products has been developed for school food service to provide a healthy, nutritious, AND delicious component to be used for in-school breakfast and/or lunch. Smart Choice Muffins, Muffin Tops, Donuts, and Snack ‘N Loaves™ deliciously fit the new nutritional standards by providing the required grain equivalents, meeting the saturated fat and sodium requirements – but most importantly – children find them tasty. Healthy food that tastes good – Smart Choice!

* If the code you need below is NOT clickable, please contact Roger Piffer. 

Code USDA GE Form
Flavor Packaging
51619 Click here 2.0 WG Orange Blossom Loaf 72-2 oz. I.W. Loaves
51661 Click here 2.0 Blueberry Loaf 72-2 oz. I.W. Loaves
51663 Click here 2.0 WG Cranberry Orange Loaf 72/2 oz. I.W. Loaves
51666 Click here 2.0 Apple Cinnamon Loaf 72-2 oz. I.W. Loaves
51670 Click here 2.0 Chocolate Chip Loaf 72-2 oz. I.W. Loaves
51675 Click here 2.0 Banana Loaf 72-2 oz. I.W. Loaves
52675 Click here 3.6 Banana Loaf 48-3.6 oz. I.W.
52636 Click here 3.6 Cinnamon Loaf 48-3.6 oz. I.W.
52688 Click here 3.6 Zucchini Loaves 48-3.6 oz. I.W.

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