It’s Not The Same Old Story

Founded in 1995 in Lexington Massachusetts, Aesops Bagels quickly made a name for itself with delicious artisan-style bagels and innovative flavors. Part of the J.S.B. family since 2001 and remaining true to the concept’s motto “It’s not the same old story” Aesops tradition of innovation and high quality now offers an expanded product line that includes Smart Choice Whole Grain & Cream Cheese-filled Bagel Stuffers. Always made from fresh wholesome ingredients & perfect for either retail or food service applications; Aesops artisan baked bagels continue to earn the reputation as “The Word’s Most Fabled Bagel”.

Individually Wrapped Bakery Products Lineup.

Aesops raw dough baking instructions click here

Click on Code# for Nutritionals Size Flavor Packaging
88129 2.5 Plain Bagels Sliced 72-2.5 oz. I.W.
97116 2.5 Cinnamon Raisin Bagels Sliced 84-2.5 oz. Bulk
97129 2.5 Plain Bagels Sliced 84-2.5 oz. Bulk
88195 2.5 Smart Choice Honey Wheat Bagel 72-2.5 oz. I.W. Sliced
97195 2.5 Smart Choice Honey Wheat Bagel 84-2.5 oz Sliced
99100 4 Assorted Pack (Poppy, Sesame, Plain, Cinnamon) 72-4 oz. 12-6 Pack
99129 4 Plain Bagels Sliced 72-4 oz. 12-6 Pack
99192 4 Poppy Bagels Sliced 72-4 oz. 12-6 Pack
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