America’s Favorite Cornbread

Bakery Products for Foodservice & Retail Applications

Enjoyed by millions of families, Muffin Town’s NEW Cornbread Bowls provide the consistent taste and texture that continues to be the number one choice by consumers. Ideal for Bakery, Salad Bar, Soup Bar, BBQ Dept. or at the Check Out, Muffin Town Cornbread – loaves or pans – are irresistible.


Click on Code# for Nutritionals Size Flavor Packaging
21405 2.5 Cornbread Bowl 2 Pack 24-2.5oz. 12 packs of 2
32405 2.5 Cornbread Bowl 6 Pack 60-2.5 oz. 10 packs of 6
38405 2.5 Cornbread Bowl 20 Pack 60-2.5oz. 3 packs of 20