One stop baking manufacturing company

The development of J.S.B Industries as a one-stop baking manufacturing company is an amazing success story – built on decades of hard work, integrity and a “customer first mentality”, the enduring corporate philosophy of Jack Anderson, company president, founder, and chief executive officer.

Starting out as a food commissary, Muffin Town was founded in 1978, with a vision to create a bakery commissary that would supply foodservice companies (schools, healthcare) with a consistent, quality baked product. The quality of the products was the best mode of advertising. “Business found us. People loved what we make,” said Mr. Anderson. “Selling was easy.”

Soon after opening its doors, small neighborhood bakeries were closing as customers started to look to supermarkets for their favorite baked goods. By offering frozen baked goods that always maintained peak freshness, Muffin Town sales continued to increase. In the year, 2000, J.S.B. established a 100,000 square foot facility in Chelsea, Mass.  Aesops Bagels was purchased in 2001.

The addition of new brand names prompted the corporate name change from Muffin Town to J.S.B. Industries, which has evolved into a national baking manufacturing company, “America’s Premium Value Bakery”.  The exceptional family of respected brands now includes Muffin Town, SunWise Peanut Free Sandwiches, Aesops Bagels, Smart Choice Whole Grain baked goods, Madeline’s Gourmet Cookies and Madeline’s Pantry Online Bakery.

In 2006, J.S.B. Industries added a new division to its family – Madeline’s Cookies. This company was created in response to our customer’s requests and a desire for a frozen, ready-to-bake gourmet cookie dough that tasted delicious and was cost efficient.

Pioneering delicious whole grain baked goods for schools. J.S.B. introduced its Smart Choice line, now enjoyed coast to coast and gaining popularity across multiple marketplaces for a perfect way to “eat healthy”, without sacrificing great taste. To meet growing demand, a second high-tech facility was opened in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Both plants offer bulk packs/ trays, clamshells, or individually wrapped thaw-and-serve products in a wide variety of size/weight configurations

Today, across the United States, J.S.B. Industries provides bakery products for every type for retail and foodservice provider, from individually wrapped bakery products. c-stores, supermarkets, club stores, and entertainment venues to schools, healthcare facilities, caterers and the travel industry. With two full-time Kosher/Nut Free baking facilities, J.S.B. Industries possesses the capability to service any potential consumer need. J.S.B. Industries is known for the quality of its muffins, bagels, bagel stuffers, Snack’N Loaves, and frozen, ready-to-bake cookies.

The entire Anderson family reaffirms their commitment to “provide premium products to each customer”, whether with our own brands or your own private label or in-store offerings. J.S.B. Industries always strives to develop the products you need or co-pack your products for you. Working with our product development team, you can enjoy creating your own private label baked goods line that meets your specifications for ingredients, flavor, quality packaging, and price. America’s Premium Value Bakery constantly focuses all our efforts to manufacture bakery goods that will satisfy every customer.