Green Initiatives

JSB Industries Sustainability Statement

JSB Industries recognizes that operating in an environmentally responsible manner is an important part of the value we deliver to our customers. Implementing innovative and responsible environmental practices from investing in energy-efficient technologies, to our company-wide recycling efforts, we work closely with suppliers and customers to improve the sustainability of our supply chain, reduce our carbon footprint and minimize our environmental impact.

Completed Green Initiatives:

• Completed a major energy-efficient LED lighting retrofit at our Chelsea and Lawrence Mass manufacturing facilities.
• Upgraded our Freezers and replaced our R-22 refrigerant with an environmentally friendly, Freon alternative.
• Installed demand smart technology controlled through a web-based interface that monitors energy use and ensures efficiency and reduces energy consumption.
• Make continuous improvement in our zero-waste initiative currently recycling 75 % of all our solid waste.
• Work closely with our suppliers to source sustainable packaging with high recycled content and certified by SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative).

In 2022 our Green Initiatives have resulted in:

  • 845 Tons of Food Waste Composted

  • 244,558 KWH of Electricity Saved

  • 155,176 Gallons of Water Saved

  • 964 Metric Ton Reduction in Green House Gas Emissions

  • 345 Tons of Material Recycled

  • 28,743 yards of Landfill Space Saved