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Muffins for Foodservice Applications

Muffin Town Muffins make Foodservice operations easy because perfectly baked frozen product assures instant and easy access to fresh baked goodness any time of day. From coast to coast, schools, hospitals, airlines, caterers, sports venues, correctional facilities and restaurants of every description serve Muffin Town Muffins, every day. New trends are showing that muffins are ideal for school food service, corporate micro markets, food trucks, and health clubs. Whether you require Mini or large Gourmet Muffins, we have the solution for you. Please call us about any Muffin variety you desire, from traditional and whole grain to low fat and reduced sugar. Our team looks forward to working with you.


* All our Baked Goods are PEANUT and NUT FREE
* Safe for Schools, Home, and Workplace
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